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Type: Red


Varietal: O & M Imports Wines , O & M Imports

Alc.: 15%


All of the excellence of
GARBOLE’s is concentrated in this rare and precious LIMITED EDITION of HURLO
which represents the best of GARBOLE and one of the best Italian wines.


Hurlo comes from the recovery
of old native veronese  vines, saved from extinction and gradually
re-planted, year after year, for a grapes blend that is absolutely unique in
the world. One of these grapes are a
“secret” extraordinary and mysterious grape that
nobody is been able to identify yet.

It is 20 years of thinking and
130 years of history contained in each bottle that HURLO of GARBOLE originates
from. A liberating scream of joy and well-being.


Hurlo is a work of art that
represents the creative freedom and cannot be locked up within any disciplinary
rule or a technical sheet. It is a visionary expression of creative freedom.
Diverse raw materials, each one containing its own history are mixed and contrast
with each other finally achieving balance, harmony and complexity in the dance
of their fluid and natural metamorphosis.

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Weight 49 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 12 in


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