About O & M Imports

O & M Imports is a boutique wine importing and wholesale/distribution company specializing primarily in Italian wines from different regions of Italy. Our primary focus is working with small independent farmers steeped in rich family tradition and have core values of the old style of wine-making. At the core of some of those values is the belief that the essence of creating a magnificent wine begins on the vine and not in the cellar. With this philosophy we hope to serve as a vessel to bring to light some of the 500 varietals of grapes Italy has to offer but are rarely seen in the U.S.

We have no interest in importing over produced wines that get lost or lose value in the market place. Our only interest lies in discovering the unique wines of independent farmers whose passion for wine-making is like no other and being the voice to tell their story.


O & M Imports is committed to finding high quality wines at a competitive price. We maintain a high level of expertise and professionalism in order to market and sell these wines to the food and wine industry and consumers. All of our shipping, storing, and delivering of these products are done so in a responsible manner.